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Meet us at Money 20/20

Want to meet up at Money 2020?

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        Jordan  Wright         

CEO & Co-founder


        Jeff  Hendren         



        James  Hodson         

Director of Relationships


        Scott  Weinert         

CTO & Co-founder


        Fransesca  Gallucci         

Head of Customer Success


        Lindsay  Davis         

Head of Markets

The UnWind

Game Night at RedTail Room


We are also co-hosting the Money 20/20 Starlight Soirée  at Resorts World.

Date: Monday, October 25th @ 9PM (PDT)
Location: Resorts World Starlight Room

We are co-hosting a Game Night with Unit, CurrencyCloud, and VGS.

Date: Tuesday, October 26th @ 8PM (PDT)
Location: Resorts World Redtail Room

Featured Panel at Money 20/20

Oct. 25th - 26th in Las Vegas

Session: “Banking the Unbanked with Payroll APIs”
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the evolution of neobanks as many consumers transitioned from engaging with their banks in-branch to in-app. In extreme scenarios, neobanks became a safe haven for excess cash for medium- and higher-income households and a financial lifeline for lower-income households. In conversation, we will unpack how neobanks can innovate with alternative data via Payroll APIs to make lending products more accessible for thin-file, underbanked individuals.


Jimmy Chen, CEO and Founder of Propel,  Susan Ehrlich, Atomic advisory board member, Lindsay Davis, Atomic’s Head of Markets, moderated by Nik Cremo, Vice President of Equity Research at Credit Suisse
new money2020 panel image

Date: Tuesday, October 26th @ 11:40 AM - 12:20 PM (PDT) on the Serendipity stage

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